Bucolic patterns for an enchanted decor

Bucolic patterns for an enchanted decor

Flowers, butterflies, birds ... The bucolic patterns give pride of place to nature and immerse us in a naive and colorful universe, a true homecoming! Stylized or, on the contrary, very realistic, the components of bucolic patterns refer to the world of dreams and enchantment. In decoration they feminize and soften an interior that is too cold thanks to their cheerful colors. Here are some suggestions for adopting it and adapting it to your home sweet home!

A light and poetic universe

The bucolic style is making a comeback and brings with it its touch of lightness, romance and naturalness. Plants (foliage, various flowers) and small animals (dragonflies, butterflies or birds) are indeed the main elements of bucolic motifs. The colors are generally soft and feminine (palettes of blue, pink or pastel green) and the light designs. Queen Marie-Antoinette was the first to introduce this style in France, when the trend was on the contrary to the golden and overloaded decorative arts!

What does it give me?

The bucolic patterns fit particularly well in a room, thanks to their soft lines and tone. Be careful not to abuse it in a parental room or in the common rooms, because they immediately feminize a room! With plain walls, liberty bed linen, country curtains or even romantic cushions will immediately be highlighted!