Renovate a window

Renovate a window

The renovation of a window is not only the result of aesthetic considerations. A window in good condition also guarantees good thermal insulation of the building. Depending on the condition and material of the window, several options are possible.

Renovate or replace?

Wooden windows are the most fragile. Subjected to the weather, the paint flakes off, the wood swells and the window sealant crumbles. When this happens, it is often too late to consider a simple renovation. Total replacement will probably cost less than different successive repair operations. In this case, the window frame fixed to the wall is removed and replaced by a new one in which the window openings will be fixed. If this is done correctly, the wall will not be damaged. If the frame is still in good condition, a partial renovation can be considered. You can change only the openings or opt for the installation of a new complete window whose frame will be screwed on the old one while checking the tightness between the two. A cleaner and easier intervention.

What is the renovation?

In the case where the wooden window is only slightly damaged, it is sometimes enough to sand, fill the holes in worm-eaten places and repaint. This requires time and specific equipment available in all DIY stores. You can also take the opportunity to change the glazing in favor of double glazing, much more insulating. This may allow you, under certain conditions, to benefit from a tax credit.