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Renovate a concrete wall

Renovate a concrete wall

A concrete wall in an apartment? Why not ! If it has a lot of charm, concrete has some disadvantages: rough and spongy, it crumbles over time and attracts dust. It should therefore be maintained to enhance it.

Cleaning the wall of the concrete wall

Start by brushing the concrete surface to extract dust and dirt. Then wash it off with lukewarm water with soap or detergent added. Above all, avoid corrosive ammonia-type cleaners, which will eat away at the material. After rinsing and complete drying, you can apply synthetic resin to preserve and protect the raw appearance of the wall. Due to its porosity, concrete stains easily. You can get rid of most traces by using a dedicated stain remover or scouring powder. To remove the oil, rub with water topped with baking soda. With ink and rust, prefer oxalic acid in water.

Clogging of cracks in the concrete wall

In the event of a crack, it is first of all necessary to determine the surface of the fault, its location and its origin: small, medium, large, inside or outside, on the wall or at the junction with a wall, ceiling or floor, simple erosion, moisture damage, sagging or poor masonry. In these latter cases, the advice of a professional should be sought. But if the crack only affects the surface of the wall, you need to clear the edges with a coating knife in order to remove dust, dirt and debris. Sand and clean with a sponge. After drying, apply filler, level to level the wall, sand and apply protective product. You can also put glass cloth to solidify the whole and prevent the appearance of new crevices.