Install a skylight kit

Install a skylight kit

If a room in your home seems too dark, install a skylight there. Quite simple to assemble, the skylight allows to diffuse a natural light which will fill the room in question.

What is a skylight?

A skylight is actually a light pipe that uses the sun as a "bulb". The sunlight is captured by a small window installed on the roof. This light is routed and channeled in a conduit until it is diffused through a ceiling light. To choose your well, you must take into account the materials of the roof covering, its inclination, the distance between the roof and the ceiling of the room you want to illuminate and the intensity of the light you want.

Installation of the skylight outside

Start by removing the slates or tiles where you will install the glass sensor chassis. Then drill an opening in the support of the tiles and make a trimmer (a frame) in the frame. Position the frame and screw it onto the header. You must take care that the aluminum flap hugs the roof cover perfectly so that the wind does not rush into it. Replace the slates or tiles to cover the frame.

Indoor installation

This is to install the ceiling light in the room you want to light. Cut a hole suitable for the size of the ceiling lamp using a circular saw. Screw on the ceiling flange on which the diffuser and the joint cover will be fixed. Then assemble in the attic the different elements that constitute the conduit. Use the adhesive tape provided in the kit to solidify and seal the pipe fittings. Hang the upper part on the frame and the lower part on the flange.