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Choosing the materials for your house walls

Choosing the materials for your house walls

There are three main techniques for building a house. Each with its advantages and disadvantages. It's up to you to choose the one that suits you best.

Traditional house construction

It is the most used technique in France. The house is designed as a puzzle in which each element is mounted separately: the partition, the walls, the carpentry. Generally, the foundations are in concrete, the frame in wood and the walls in concrete blocks or bricks. On site, trades follow one another to assemble the house on site. This solution allows adjustment as problems arise.

Industrial construction of the house

Here, the elements are first manufactured in the factory. Then assembled and assembled by professionals on site. This system makes it possible to reduce costs because the elements are assembled in the chain in the factory. However, you must ensure the seriousness of the manufacturer and his know-how because any manufacturing error will cause significant delays.

Timber construction

This method, very widespread across the Atlantic, is booming in France. It concerns around 5% of house construction today. There are several wood construction techniques. But in 90% of the cases it is a question of forming the framework of the house using horizontal and vertical parts which fit together. They will support the roof and floors. The spaces between the rooms are filled with insulation. Ecological, the wooden house also saves 2 to 4 months over the duration of the site compared to the traditional method. The economic gain is around 20 to 30%.