Choose a veranda

Choose a veranda

A fully-fledged construction project, the veranda offers an additional living room which allows you to enjoy the sun all year round. Subject to specific regulations, it requires different formalities: building permit or declaration of work in the town hall and declaration to insurance. Guide to the veranda project: from reflection to the choice of materials.

Choosing a veranda: pre-project reflection

Defining your needs precisely is the key to the success of this conservatory project. Also, it is a question of wondering about all the parameters: function of this new space, periods of the year used, activities practiced ... The location will also depend on the orientation of the sun. It is a most important element at the risk of losing too much heat in winter or suffocating in summer. Finally, the budget also conditions your future construction.

The materials of the veranda structure

Several types of installation are possible depending on the materials chosen. A wooden veranda keeps the heat in winter. Its aesthetic allows it to integrate into all kinds of houses. Aluminum is the preferred material for conservatories because it is light and resistant. However, you must choose a quality aluminum to avoid poor insulation. Steel is very aesthetic and very resistant in the context of large verandas. A noble material, it is natural and recyclable. But it is also expensive and oxidizable and requires maintenance. Finally, the cheapest is the PVC veranda, a good insulating and easy-care material that is increasingly adapting to all styles.

The glazing and the roof of the veranda

There are several types of glass: single, double glazing and special. It is often better to choose double glazing, adapted to the temperature difference that a veranda can undergo. As for special glazing, it is treated to reduce noise, maximize the sun's rays or even conserve heat in winter.