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Build a freestanding pool

Build a freestanding pool

Simple and inexpensive, freestanding pools are easy to assemble. However, the installation requires at least two people and must follow certain rules to ensure the durability and security of your installation.

Determine and prepare the location of the pool

It is essential to choose the exact location of your freestanding pool. This place should be as flat as possible. Indeed, if you install it on a slope you risk creating hernias or tears in its tissue. If the location is not very flat, plan small earthworks to balance the ground. Once the location has been determined, the area must be prepared. Mow the lawn, sweep the space, deposit a layer of sand, no object or obstacle should be under it to avoid any risk of puncture.

Install the freestanding pool

The pool kit includes a floor mat on which the pool will rest. After placing your pool on the mat, you must then inflate the air tube (s). Here a compressor is often useful.

Fill the freestanding pool with water

Depending on the volume of the pool, the filling is more or less long: often count several hours. During this step, be sure to stretch the bottom of the pool outward when the water is not high to avoid wrinkles.

Install the water treatment system and ladder

The ladder provided in your kit is simple to assemble. It is a significant element of security that must be installed. Like all pools, freestanding pools also require regular maintenance. Depending on the model, the filter system is installed in different ways. It should be cleaned at least once a week.