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The rules to follow for a wedding room decoration that looks like you

The rules to follow for a wedding room decoration that looks like you

Choose a topic

Choosing a theme for your entire wedding or simply for decorating the room is a great way to get a harmonious result. So, the red thread of your marriage may be a theme (flowers, country wedding, fairy tales, travel etc ...) or a color of your choice. You will only have to decline the different components of your wedding around the chosen theme : invitations, flowers, accessories, menus and, of course, decoration of your room.

Keep it simple

The websites are full of ideas and examples that will prove very useful when designing the decoration of your wedding room. But all these discoveries should only serve as inspiration. Be sure to not wanting to reproduce everything at risk doing too much and get an overloaded result in which nothing will be highlighted and will end up drowned in the mass.

Don't rush to shop

Preparing for a wedding is very exciting and it is always tempting to start shopping without delay. However, under the effect of precipitation, we can often be led to make poor choices. Take the time to be perfectly clear about your expectations in terms of decoration in order to be sure to make the right choice and not to regret it later. So, do not throw yourself on the first decorative elements room that you like and wait until you see several things before you decide once for all.

The importance of lighting

Lighting is a very important element in decorating a wedding hall. Often neglected, it nevertheless participates in the atmosphere of the room and allows to enhance the decoration of the room. Prefer to place multiple light sources, preferably soft, to give an intimate side to the room. Neat light will also allow you to take pretty photos that will allow you to keep beautiful memories.

Think big

Remember that a reception hall, even if it is not huge, still represents a certain area. So, when buying decorations for your wedding room, consider multiply the elements that you want so that there is enough and that the room does not appear to be empty

Think about the organization of the space

Organizing the space in your wedding room is an important point. In a large room, Think of demarcate spaces to avoid confusion. For example, set up a photo corner, a candy bar or even a space to place a guest book. Prefer to choose round tables which are more user-friendly and take up more space. If your room is modest size, opt for rectangular tables and be light on the decoration.

Get started in DIY

If you want to be assured of getting a wedding room decoration that really suits you and cheaper, nothing like DIY. So you can get started in the manufacture of decorative objects according to your tastes and your know-how. See to start with a few pieces to make sure you like the result before you start creating more objects.

Make sure you stay yourself

Between magazines, websites and TV shows, you will find a multitude of examples of decorations for your wedding hall Be sure to respect a very important rule: stay yourself So don't give in to all the temptations and only choose things that you really like and who are in line with your personality.

Do not hesitate to ask for help

Decorating a wedding hall is often revealed long and tedious. In order to make the most of your big wedding day and have plenty of time to prepare yourself, don't hesitate to ask for help. Your loved ones will be delighted to participate in the preparations for your union and will constitute precious help to the successful completion of this important step.

Plan ahead

In order to not find yourself helpless at the last minute and not to be able to install your wedding room decoration as desired, be careful. It should indeedanticipate all the material you will need for the installation such as a hammer, nails, a stepladder ... Don't hesitate to make a list to make sure you don't forget anything.