Salon: the 4 key ingredients for a cocooning decor

Salon: the 4 key ingredients for a cocooning decor

Choose comfortable furniture with enveloping shapes

© Miliboo

We love the XXL size of this miliboo armchair and this matching convertible sofa.

When it's raining outside and it's cold, drinking hot chocolate is good ... in a comfortable and soft seat it's better ! For a decor that makes you want to stay under your blanket, we opt for a sofa and armchair with rounded shapes. A well-padded seat will be the best of allies to enjoy rainy Sundays and winter evenings. For fans of lazy days curled up on the sofa, we choose a convertible model that we accompany with a maxi plaid and cushions.

Create a warm atmosphere with the right lighting

Winter days are above all a unique atmosphere. If you can't take advantage of the sun's rays outside, you invite them inside. A small lamp placed near the chair, a Street lamp at the corner of the sofa, candles on the table… we multiply the small light sources for a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Opt for light tones and raw materials

© Miliboo

Solid wood, velvet, all-encompassing seats: this lounge brings together all the ingredients for a cozy interior.

For a ideal cocooning decor, we take example from our neighbors Scandinavian. With its raw materials and his natural colors, the Nordic style is perfect for warm our interiors. As for colors, we opt for light tones such as white, pale pink or mint blue. They are known for their soothing properties. They are associated with wood species such as beech, oak or rubberwood.

Bring in the softness with hair accessories

From plaids to cushions, the trend is for fur ! These accessories are available in many colors, with or without a pattern. The main thing is that they are sweet. And for warm a cold floor, we equip ourselves with a shaggy style long pile rug. It will give the room a beautiful cocooning spirit while allowing us to delimit our relaxation area from the rest of the room.

A warm lighting, light tones, round and all-encompassing shapes are the ingredients for a successful cocooning decor. It only remains to take the time to do nothing!