Good reflexes to choose your heat pump

Good reflexes to choose your heat pump

1 / We understand (finally) the operation of the heat pump

The concept is ultimately simple: the heat pump recovers the calories present in the heat of natural elements such as air, earth or water. Since these calories are energy, it only has to reinject them inside the house, in the heating system central or domestic hot water! Heat pumps therefore have an outdoor unit in contact with air, earth or water, and an indoor unit in contact with diffusers. You can even call it by its small name, the CAP. As for its energy efficiency, it is measured by the Coefficient of performance, or COP.

2 / We understand (finally) the differences between heat pumps

Since there is not one, but several types of heat pump: aerothermal, geothermal or hydrothermal. The most common is the aerothermal heat pump, called Air-air heat pump when it extracts the calories from the outside air and injects them back into the indoor air, Air-water heat pump when it re-injects them into water radiators. The air-air heat pump can even be reversible to transform it into air conditioning. The geothermal draws calories from the soil and therefore requires drilling. The hydrothermal pump draws them from the water and requires the presence of resources in the liquid state.

3 / We choose the right type of heat pump according to the climate

Since the aerothermal heat pump works by calorie capture present in the air, if the air is too cold, it does not pick up anything. It works well in winter, but as long as the air temperature is above zero. Clearly, we reserve the air-air or air-water heat pump for temperate climates, unless providing an additional heating system when temperatures drop to negative. The Geothermal and hydraulic heat pumps adapt better to cold.

4 / We choose the right type of heat pump according to the place

Small plot, small house or even apartment? As long as the accommodation has an outdoor area, from the garden to the balcony, the aerothermal heat pump fits. Geothermal or hydraulic heat pumps require a large area of ​​land or a fixed water point like a water table for the second, with administrative authorization for the installation.

5 / We choose the right type of heat pump according to the heating system

Once the energy has been captured, it must be diffused and, depending on the heat pump chosen, the installation of diffusers or a centralized system is often necessary. No way ? In this case, we put on an air-water aerothermal heat pump or a hydraulic heat pump, compatible with a heating floor or with low temperature water radiators.

6 / We choose the right type of heat pump according to the budget

The more complex the system, the more expensive the installation. But she is eligible for various financial aids, from the tax credit to the zero-rate loan via the Prime Energy, since it is a renewable energy. In summary, the aerothermal heat pump is the cheapest with an average installation budget of between 5,000 and 13,000 €. The installation of a hydrothermal heat pump has an average intermediate price of € 6,000 to € 12,000. As for the geothermal pump, it is the most expensive with 8 to 18,000 €. And for the last two, it all depends on the terrain!

7 / We monitor the noise level of the heat pump

The CAP is not really the silent type, as much knowing it upstream. For choose a heat pump, we check its sound level in decibels. And above all, we think about its location, preferably far from the rooms or rooms in which we like to enjoy the silence!