Chic ideas for the living room

Chic ideas for the living room

The living room is truly the central room of the house because it is in it that you find yourself for very convivial moments. So to give style to the living room, we do not hesitate to use decor and some accessories. Here are some ideas to enhance the living room.

A warm carpet

To give a very cocooning atmosphere to the living room, consider choosing a very soft carpet that you will install under the coffee table in order to structure the space. It is important that your carpet protrudes from each side of the furniture so as not to give a tight feel.

Corner sofa

To dress the living room, the corner sofa is your ally. Thanks to its shape, it will help structure the living room and delimit the space if it is a room open to the kitchen or the dining room.

Candles for the atmosphere

To create a warm atmosphere, it is essential to have candles! Bet on an accumulation by varying the shapes and colors to create a real bright decor.

Wall paintings

As in all rooms, consider dressing the walls to give a dimension to your room. Opt for a painting above the sofa, a mirror if you need to enlarge the space or stickers if you want something original.


Finally, to dress the walls, you can opt for a bookcase that will take up the entire surface. The library brings a lot of warmth to your room and your books will become decorative objects in their own right. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"