A fireplace in the middle of my living room

A fireplace in the middle of my living room

We are far from the traditional fireplace or the simple fireplace for purely practical use ... The central fireplace is undoubtedly the decorative fireplace par excellence. And between aesthetics and technical innovation, the designers are having a great time.

Central wood or gas chimneys

You will of course need to have a room large enough to install a real central wood or gas fireplace. It will then become the focal point of the living room and all the arrangement of your decoration will be around it. Thus positioned, you will benefit from optimal heating comfort because the central chimney distributes the heat very evenly. Just like a classic fireplace, you can choose it with an open or closed fireplace, and it will require a connection to a flue. The central fireplaces are intended to become the real heart of the show, which is why their design is particularly worked ... and successful. You will discover central fireplaces with very varied shapes, standing or even hanging, in a modern and… warm spirit! With some models, you will even have a superb 360 ° view of the flames. Of course, this design often has a cost to add to the price of the installation.

The central bio-ethanol fireplaces

So if the cost of these magnificent central fireplaces turns out to be outside the budget, you can turn to bioethanol fireplaces. They do not require any connection to a duct: you can therefore place them wherever you want in your living room. Some models lend themselves very well to positioning in the middle of a room. The central bio-ethanol fireplaces are also real design objects, elegant and modern, and their flames differ little from a real wood fire. However, they have a poor heating performance in comparison with central wood fireplaces.